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The First Muslim- christian Alliance In World History

The First Muslim- christian Alliance In World History

When Muslims were brutally tortured and persecuted, it was the righteous Christian King Negus Ashama ibn Abjar of Abyssinia (d. 630) who gave the Muslims refuge. This monumental event in history forged the first Muslim-Christian alliance. And history records that for centuries this peaceful accord continued. As the righteous King said, “Jesus (as) and Muhammad … Continue reading


Zimbabwe- White Delusions

Never think twice about telling your truth, don’t hesitate, don’t second guess.dont put peoples feelings or opinions over truth….never….This is showing on channel 4. ..” Mugabe’s illegal land grabs” ……but Uncle courageous, how did you come about the land in the first place? Do laws only exist to protect your ill gotten gains….and if so, … Continue reading