Eko Soro

conversations that make one go home and think..

Person 1 It’s a shame Yoruba people don’t go and live and work in other parts of Nigeria. They will sit their behind in the southwest for most of their lives. I mean some of them set up businesses and even live outside the southwest, but they are very few. Then they will be complaining that Igbo people are taking over their government…. Maybe if they traveled more it won’t be so one sided.

Person 2 – As far as I am concerned ahmadu from Kano has no business legislating the government in Lagos, just the way Yinka has no business in the legislative chambers of Onitsha or Sokoto, all this copy copy of America. Hillary can run for senate in Newyork because Europeans have no primordial ties to the land…Hillarys village is somewhere in Uk.

Person 3 – Forget all that one… Lagos is what Nigeria ought to be. We have come too far to be comparing our politics to the pettiness of Anambra or Kano.. The fact is the accommodating Nature of the Yoruba is why it attracts so much investment to lagos, even forget lagos have you seen the kind of factories going up in Ogun state?, it attracts the best minds from all over Nigeria, the same way London or Newyork attracts foreigners and investments….Most Nigerians with any small money wants to buy property in Lagos….that in turn generates taxes which allows even more development… Instead of complaining people are coming in to our government we should be thinking of how we can take this ideology and spread all over Nigeria…

Person 2 – Identity matters…not only money and economy, look at brexit look at trump… we cannot downplay identity all in the name of economy and then create a mess in EKO…tomorrow they will be telling you Lagos is No man’s land yet with that same mouth they will say they are going to Ikoyi…

Person 1 ehn is because they don’t know na…. how many of them know Oshodi is named after a family or Ikoyi or Jibowu, Oniru, obanikoro, Did your education system tell them……all they know is omonile… have barely taught them the history of lagos..story of olofin ….the evolution of lagos … then you would be vexing …you sef do better don’t be angry at ignorance you are helping to create….

Person 4 – Abajo

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