My Nigeria

I truly believe the main reason for Africa’s and Nigeria’s failures is because…after dealing with the wars and manipulations to create the market for slave trade / loss of our most able bodied men to the america’s and the subsequent colonization… we never just said


and took time out to reflect and reprogram our consciousness, deliberate on who we are, our vision for ourselves and our aims as relates to the world…To push for reparations, define our competitive advantage….. Nada…. we just carried on as though the last 400 years never happened…like leopold did not happen in Congo….nada…like selling raw materials will ever develop this country, when the money made simply would go back to buy finished goods….
Instead we let other people tell us what to do, IMF, world bank etc, tell us who we are and what we should aspire for…

I have to give it to the European-American, When they split up from Britian they went so deep in to themselves to create a system so different from England that its actually mentally so difficult reconciling that one came out of the other…. from governance systems unique to them and their peculiar situation,vocabulary,accents, to measurement scales to even paper sizes…….

Our elite that fought colonisation simply felt the need to supplant the European colonisers and inherit their place, they didn’t think too much about creating a more superior system that addressed our peculiar union or maybe they did but corruption got the better of them….British system of govt like our collective conciousness went through the process that produced the magna carter or the american system as though we have the social cohesion enforced by the racial divide that exist there,

Point is like China, Singapore , India and several other countries that have become success stories, Nigeria is going to have to take that pause and find itself inevitably and address the psychological damage to our psyche and values that came with colonization, Define itself, its values and what it wants to bring to the global table..

Until then we will keep going in circles, without an identity or a focus/ national agenda, drifting on this big sea of globalization, head above water sometimes at others almost drowning…..

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