Can You HEAR the SMELL?

Most of my life I have known “educated” people to make fun of people (usually Yoruba and Igbo people) that say “hear smell” as used like so….”are you hearing the smell”…well turns out that when you apply quantum physics laws to molecular biology and biochemistry to explain the process of smelling and even more so as relates to synesthasia…It is actually a hearing that happens based on vibrations, the process of olfaction is the one other sense most similar to hearing… some people have been right all along….ps the field of applying quantum physics to biological processes is the closest thing to explaining the spiritual realm scientifically…..quite amazing


to read more about this, check out the book ” life on the edge” written by Johnjoe McFadden, an expert in molecular genetics and Jim Al-Khalili, a quantum physicist…. you can read more about it here…/physics-for-bird-brains-1438375279

you can watch the documentary which is AMAZING and beautifully illustrated with a lot of interviews with leading scientist in this field from top universities. the “hearing of smell is discussed in the following sections “Lock and Key Olfactory Theory (04:14)

Our sense of smell detects chemical molecules and triggers memories. Until recently, molecular shape was believed to determine scent identification in the brain’s olfactory receptors. A gardener recognizes common scents.
Quantum Theory of Smell (04:21)

Benzaldehyde and cyanide molecules both smell of almonds but have different shapes. Quantum biology says our noses “listen” to molecules. Nasal receptor molecules contain electrons that vibrate scent molecule bonds; smell is determined by their wave frequencies.
Quantum Nose Experiment (03:27)

Quantum biologists replaced an orange scented molecule’s hydrogen atoms with deuterium atoms to change its vibration. Fruit flies were used to verify the original molecule’s scent. Hear how the lock and key theory works together with the quantum theory of smell


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