Old Gods vs New Gods, Whose God?- Do you Know God 3/3

The God of Geo-politics

“To liquidate people begins with depriving them of memory. Their books are destroyed, their culture, their history and someone else writes other books, it provides a different culture, invents for them another story. After that the people slowly starts to forget what it is and what it was, And the world around them forget even more quickly”                        -Milan Kundera

AMERICA FOUNDED ON SLAVERY AND GENOCIDE The Average Nigerian praises America as being the greatest country, “Gods own country”. Infact they police the world like guardian angels making sure everything is right, just and good. Another factor is even on their money it says,

“In God We Trust”

(As my people say, na dem holy pass)

We like the look of greatness,but seem unwilling to think about how this greatness is achieved.

Firstly America was built on two crimes against humanity.

1) The genocide of the native American

2) The enslavement of the African

On this foundation America was built. The way America uses religion is extremely intelligent.

The history textbooks used by their kids are revised regularly to meet whatever conditions the American society is facing.

The latest revision – Ideas promoted in various proposed textbooks include the notion that Moses and Solomon inspired American democracy, that in the era of segregation only “sometimes” were schools for black children “lower in quality” .

Text mentions Moses and claims that the “biblical idea of a covenant, an ancient Jewish term meaning a special kind of agreement between the people and God, influenced the formation of colonial governments and contributed to our constitutional structure.” (read more)

This is fair to an extent because in both situations Genocide was committed and land was stolen but since its ok in the bible, it is also okay in America. They also have bible verses that Justify slavery and so on.

That is how you become great, by actively molding the minds of the future generation not to see their flaws, to see themselves as supreme, as Gods chosen people. Once you can achieve that, you can bend the media to display you in whatever light you decide. It is for this same reason the Pope commissioned Paintings of white Jesus before the crusades, and the same reason for the proliferation of blonde hair blue eye Jesus by America. Just imagine if an America soldier had to pray to a Jesus that looked middle eastern for a safe mission on his way to bomb Saddam Hussein. The power of  the sub-concious, the power of the minds of the people is what makes nations great. Great nations understand this concept and Marshall it to their advantage. Not just the elite, the pauper must be able to see greatness in themselves without differing to any other people. This is why the government crafts their “story” so the mind of a people believe greatness is not foreign or foreign to them.


Israel is a European Colonial Settler State, just like all other European Colonial Settler States (ECSS).  Like the United States, like Canada, like most of Latin America, like Australia, like South Africa.  It is a nation that was set up by White invaders who displaced the native populations, and set up their own government on the stolen land.  That’s all. – this is explained beautifully here



Religion is spread by war, the dominant force subjugates the other, Christianity through  the crusades, slavery and colonialism while Islam spread through Jihad and slavery as well.

religionWe demonize ourselves without understanding a simple concept – God did not come in to being when Abraham came out of UR (sumeria), neither did he only start doing great things when Joseph was in Egypt using divination bowls.

Genesis 44:Is not this it in which my lord drinketh, and whereby indeed he divineth? ye have done evil in so doing.

God existed before Moses, an Egyptian high priest trained in all the spiritual knowledge of ancient Egypt  who according to Egyptian history was High priest of Seth and actually tried to start a military coup. So we should not be surprised when he tells the Egyptians to look at a brazen serpent in the wilderness and they would be healed. Neither should we be surprised by the following quote

Hosea13: Yet I am the Lord thy God from the land of Egypt, and thou shalt know no god but me: for there is no saviour beside me.

FB_IMG_1433584520788As seen with Bohemian-grove a gathering of American leaders “performing pagan activities”

As Africans we need to figure a way out of this mediocrity cycle. We need to take pride in ourselves as a nation and a people, its only then our minds can be liberated to challenge the status-quo. The British Queen is the head of the church of England yet they don’t demonize their entire history before Roman colonization. It is possible to be proud of our stories, history and heritage, we can call them myths whatever we decide, however we decide we must not keep passing this inferiority complex to future generations. We must encourage critical thinking and inquisitive minds, so we don’t continue to create a population of sheep.In the Age of information, Religion should not be linked or synonymous with ignorance or poverty, mentally and materially, because said people cant think critically.


“When the UK came into Nigeria and India, like all other countries they colonised, they brought along their technology, religion (Christianity), and culture: names, dressing, food, and language, among others. Try as hard as the British did, India rejected the British religion, names, dressing, food, and even language, but they did not reject the British technology. Today, 80.5 per cent of Indians are Hindus; 13.4 per cent Muslims; 2.3 per cent Christians; 1.9 per cent Sikhs; 0.8 per cent Buddhists, among others. Hindi is the official language of the government of India, but English is used extensively in business and administration and has the status of a “subsidiary official language.” Interestingly, it is rare to find an Indian with an English name or dressed in suit.

On the other hand, Nigeria embraced, to a large extent, the British religion, British culture – names, dressing, foods, and language – but, ironically, rejected the British technology. The difference between the Nigerian and the Indian experiences is that while India is proud of its heritage, Nigeria takes little pride in its own heritage, a situation that has affected the nationalism of Nigerians and our development as a nation.” – fantastic article by Azuka Onwuka read it here

“One of the Key Reason Nigeria and Nigerians Fail is Simply Because we have No Historical Values…..Simply put, Sentiment overrides Our Educational Values and Capacities…..We are Educated to be Used Not to be in Control”

“Man has lost the Will to Work Hard and Earn Well……But has Instead developed the knack for Miraculous accumulation of wealth without work….That is the Religiosity of Today and the Biggest underdevelopment of the Nigerian Nation……The Failure of Nigeria as a Nation is our Fault as a People.”      –Retson A. O. Tedheke


We must be sensitive with older generations, we must be patient as well because most suffer cognitive dissonance.

11427187_1448470582114462_9141636310494085052_nImagine all those sailors coming back home to tell their parents the world is not flat.Imagine the mental trauma their parents went through to recalibrate their world view. FB_IMG_1434121387351

Do remember that in the age of information and knowing, the illiterate would be redefined.


On a personal note,I am christian, i believe in God, because i have a personal relationship with God. I also know that the bible contains historical stories to serve the nation building of Isreal.I know religion like all things can be corrupted and manipulated by man for selfish ends. I know that ancient truths have been incorporated and remixed in the bible and still carry power. I reject the idea of white JESUS and subscribe to the Ethiopian Icons created during the empire of Abyssinia. I believe religion should show us a way to God, in a bid to wake our spirit up before we die. I believe God loves everyman and no one or no faith has a monopoly to access God. I believe religion and spirituality should bring out the best in human beings. I believe we are ARE A CHOSEN PEOPLE, it is on us to shine forth the light that’s in us.


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