Just My Thoughts


I’m going to share this again mainly because it emphasizes why a nation should take the study of history and the telling of history very seriously… NO MATTER HOW INTELLIGENT OR HOW RESOURCE RICH you are if you do not know your story as well as that of your surroundings, it is impossible to get out of the mess you are in… It is like being in a game and blissfully unaware… the game keeps changing and you just keep loosing…Africans know more about the lineage of King David and Prophet Mohammed and zilch about their own history or that of their continent….No topics are taught on colonization or slavery or the history of religion…. generations born today and tomorrow have no idea something went wrong, no analyses or understanding of where it all went wrong…not even the Biafra war…so we stay bickering in the age of Empire
If a christian president banned all images of white Jesus he most likely will be impeached…but we don’t see the psychological damage that fabrication is doing to this continent…we keep bickering amongst ourselves not knowing we are at war for our survival…..me thinks if we knew more we would bicker less and unite more…Indigenous Africans were once the center of the developed world…( know your history )…. This quote shouldn’t make people angry…It should inspire, it should make you aware, it should make you question AID, make you try to understand GMO’s the WTO agreements, Multinational companies trying to buy up your country …..Its a game and whether we like it or not we are in it….if we keep looking at the world as Good vs Bad we will always be played…Believe that if Hitler won the war he would be enjoying the same PR that the USA is enjoying despite illegal wars/ covert wars/killing innocent people /slavery etc It is still the greatest country in the world whether it was built on slavery and genocide or not… The Chinese figured it out give them 50 more years…If the British who the Romans met in caves when they colonized them… years after African civilizations,Persian and Babylonian civilizations, Greece…. could rise so high and build the greatest, widest empire known to man….AND STILL FALL….. I am hopeful

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