My Beloved Lagos

My beloved Lagos… thinking about the upcoming elections has given me headaches. If Sashore was the APC candidate this would be a no brainer. Ambode on the other hand is great on paper but so far comes across as uninspiring. The success on which he is riding is BRF’s and BRF’s success is also as a direct result of him challenging Tinubu on several issues some of which nearly got him impeached. Yes we celebrate Asiwaju for giving us APC using proceeds(which is money that belongs to NIGERIANS FOR NIGERIANS) from Lagos state. BUT rewarding that would be akin to voting for GEJ because he created a free and fair election platform.

The truth is the development in Lagos has stagnated, Ambode comes to maintain the status-quo without the fire of BRF. The fact that BRF could only appoint one person in his cabinet does not help matters. To say the largess of Asiwaju does not need to be curbed will be a lie. For the capacity of Lagos we should be pushing to be like Dubai. Lagos only shines because of the backdrop of mediocrity that became Nigeria at large. That being said, To put Lagos in the hands of KORO and PDP stalwarts is just something i cant do, To think that Lagos can be a potential springboard for the samePDP to bounce back (As Mr Arrogant Doyin Okupe said) is just something i cant abide by. Parties can change over time, Abe Lincoln was in the Republican party when he did all he did.Supporting APC blindly will convert it to the new PDP…. The benefits of a central alignment cannot be over emphasized BUT will those funds not just be “amboed” as done in the past?. Lagos needs both APC and PDP as they are the best to check mate themselves. No governor should feel he can be impeached because he wants to do right by the people, neither should people be selected because they are loyal to their Godfather at the detriment of our Lagos. APC for governor PDP for the house.



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