Money Cant Buy Love

In 2011 i voted for GMB, whilst a difficult decision to come to, I did so out of the conviction that a nation suffers when a ruling party starts to believe or think of themselves as Gods. In 2011 i did not believe my vote will make a difference but it was to be a symbolic token of encouragement to GMB . Voting for BRF on the other hand was a No-brainer. In 2011 my mind processed all the fears and anxieties of a typical southerner. The disdain for the born to rule mentality, The stories our elders tell us of a time in Nigeria that southerners were treated as second class citizens, A time during which enterprising business men from the south actively looked for an alhaji to head their board as the only hope for their business to flourish. All this was then broken by the emergence of General Obasanjo and paid for with the death of M.K.O Abiola.


That was THE question i was frequently asked.

This Born to rule mentality was brought to the fore with the way GEJ was badly treated at the demise of  Late president Yaradua. Most of the south clamored for fairness and GEJ’s Installation. After all that bruhaha, Tinubu’s attempts at removing GEJ with a Northern candidate made him look like a modern day Afoonja, A Yoruba chieftain whose historical  alliance with the North nearly destroyed the Yoruba nation and created what we have in Kwara today.


My candidate did not win in 2011 but it was OK, It was fair. For the first time the South-South had come to power, our golden goose so to speak. Historically since the days of the Royal Niger company, The south-south has been a major lifeline to Nigeria, Yet the Oil was for Nigeria and the pollution and degradation of their land was theirs and it would seem theirs alone.

In 2015 i voted for GMB…. this time it was an easier decision to make. His campaign alliances reflected a more NIGERIAN president and Asiwaju Tinubu has been vindicated. In the end who would have foot the bill for creating an opposition to compete with the bottomless pockets of the Federal Government. I cannot imagine any other way this could have happened. Funds accrued from the south west could have been used to buy houses in Dubai or stashed away in Swiss accounts as leaders are so fond of doing, but in this case i must say… the end justified the means.



In the end money could not buy love, PDP outspent the APC at least 3:1, but some bigger factors were at work namely HISTORY, FEAR and RELIGION.

For the first time in Nigerian history the south east officially became one political block,the South west on the other hand was divided on religious lines. With percentages as low as 2percent in most south east states, It has been made very clear that Nigeria has to start properly addressing the scars caused by the Biafra war.We cannot afford to keep burying our head in the sand like it didn’t happen or just tell people to get over it… Nigerians as a whole needs to understand the true extent of the war and the part both sides played in it, then a proper reconciliation can happen to heal this nation.Ironically the South-easterners more than any people were the first and true believers of federalism and one NIGERIA ( Ask Zik in lagos and the many that were killed in the north).

It is my hope that GMB would swiftly prove all their fears were misplaced and all the propaganda were just distasteful lies.

International journalist came hoping to see us slaughter ourselves, they deployed marines,they said Nigeria will break up in 2015…. They analyzed and calculated but they forgot to take the most important factor into account. .


Between the calmness of Jega, the statesmanship of GEJ and the prayers of the faithful, WE DISAPPOINTED THEM


the word “Jega” should be a synonym for cool….

GEJ is officially the father of Nigeria’s modern democracy and for that I am immensely thankful. His actions have changed the course of this country for good. For the first time the Nigerian people have a voice to which leaders and potential leaders are accountable to. It is my hope that politicians will now take on the role of PUBLIC SERVANT more seriously.

The GMB story has been likened to that of  MOSES and the Jews. He came 30 years ago to liberate his people but was too brash creating a situation were those he meant to liberate turned on him, After which he went on a humility pilgrimage and exile, building relationships with the medians and other tribes before coming back for his people.

The hand of destiny has followed GEJ and i believe he was brought to power to create this moment. I know of no other incumbent Nigerian politician  that would allow this unprecedented level of transparency in the electoral process .

The bar has been raised, the platform for our voice to be heard has been set. If APC decide to under-perform, the platform has been set to vote them out…let’s move Nigeria forward.





This government is inheriting a weak economy with oil trading at $20 and a weak Naira, the Nigerian government would have to tighten its belt and also recover funds stolen and misappropriated in other to survive….




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