Army Arrangement

By now most have heard the now In-famous recording of  the secret meeting with the Nigerian Army General That Rigged Ekiti Election For Fayose. Starring ;Senator Musliu Obanikoro, Fayose as himself , Senator Iyiola Omisore, The I-phone and others. If you are yet to hear it, please click below.

With this insight, The postponement of the elections at the behest of the Military takes on a new light. First are the questions of the obvious hypocrisy.


Then comes the analysis of the excuse for the postponement.

Then there is the excuse of PVC collection . A dear friend said it best;

I don’t have my PVC. Yet, I’m against the postponement. There’s nothing that the government will or wants to do in the NE to ensure that folks there are secure enough to vote. Why are they suddenly concerned about their ability to vote? They’ve watched and stood by while BH slaughtered them like chickens. They’ve watched them suffer what no one should go through. This administration is a disgrace.

Now it would seem, the military has been deployed to prevent any civil uprising.

Embedded image permalink

Soldiers deployed around lekki toll gate (photo courtesy of olusegun dada)


The most painful thing in all this for me is utter degradation and corruption of the military. This is made even worse when one thinks to what the military stands for .The military to my understanding is like a brotherhood tied together and ordered by RESPECT. Junior officers display ABSOLUTE respect to superior officers because those officers have paid their dues, have fought wars, have earned every star or stripe on their uniform. These officers should believe that if they excel in the call of duty, They too will one day become senior officers. With these ideals, an army can work ,an army can be effective.

How does a junior officer respect his superiors knowing fully well their promotion was solely based on helping sabotage would be credible elections. How does that superior then command junior officers to go and lay their life on the line and expect them to obey.

Junior officers sent to battle in-equipped because funds allocated for weapons have been embezzled. Why would a General not embezzle funds when he knows fully well the kind of corruption being executed by his commander in chief and cohorts. These are the ingredients mutinies are made of. It is more painful when one considers that once upon a time, the Nigerian Military was the pride of Africa. So much so that Ecomog was seen as a serious threat to american interest and imperialisim.

Today, corruption has eroded respect in the military, Generals have been turned to pawns, Chad now fights our battles.

You can postpone a funeral because of your emotion for the deceased,but you can’t restore life back to the corpse.- Shehu Sani

This whole postponement fiasco is reminiscent of the  “Yaradua demise / Goodluck (Acting president)”  saga. I would have hoped that such a personal experience would have taught our president that –

You can only postpone the inevitable for so long.



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